KIMTECH A8 Breathable and Particle Protection Coveralls

  • Ultra lightweight SMS: 45gsm

  • Highly breathable to reduce heat stress and improve comfort

  • Antistatic treated

  • Reduced contamination risk when working with portable air purifying system

  • High neck collar for a complete coverage

  • Full wrist coverage and reduce skin exposure

  • Compressed packaging minimizing storage space

  • 1 large bag of 25 individually packed coveralls per case

KIMTECH A5 Sterile Cleanroom Apparel

  • Clean processed & sterile with CLEAN-DON Technology

  • Innovative inside-out fold

  • Cloth-like comfort

  • Built-in thumb loop and snap technology

KIMTECH A5 Sterile Universal Integrated Hood and Mask 36072

  • Stretch fit elastic

  • Combines 2 donning steps into 1

  • Pull-down ties in back to assist in gowning process

KIMTECH A5 Sterile Integrated Hood and Mask 47677

  • New oval head design

  • Optimal viewing

  • Seamless hood-coverall interface

  • Back-slit seam

  • Pull-down ties in back to assist in gowning process

KIMTECH A5 Sterile sleeve protector

  • Blue line donning signal feature

  • Thumb loop keeps sleeve from rolling back and exposing arm or wrist

  • 18" length

KIMTECH A5 Sterile Boots

  • Side grasp ties for secure fit

  • Vinyl edge to reduce slipping and liquid penetration

KIMTECH A6 Breathable and Liquid Protection Coveralls

  • Origami folded to reduce gowning time

  • Arms telescope folded

  • Built-in thumb loops

  • Legs telescope folded with built-in snaps

  • Better comfort

  • Advanced liquid barrier protection

  • Wider foot opening

KIMTECH A7P+ Lab coat

  • High collar for complete coverage of the chest area

  • Elastic cuff, thumb-loop and extra-length arms provide complete coverage of wrist, and keeps glove secured over the lab coat

  • High performance, low lint, non-slip fabric with chemical resistant outer layer and cloth-like feel inner layer